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Sanyo DP42D23 42 inch LED-LCD HDTV

Welcome to a review of the Sanyo DP42D23 42 inch LED-LCD HDTV. The DP42D23 TV is in the lower price point, therefore does not have all the features of a Smart TV. However, if you are in the market for a low priced, simple television that has a large screen and will deliver a beautiful picture, than this is a good model for you. Setting this up is easy and quick. With a variety of HDMI, component audio/video, composite audio/video and RF inputs, you have plenty of options to connect your blu-ray, cable or satellite box, and external antenna hookups. A coaxial digital audio output allows you to connect a home theater system to enjoy phenomenal, theater like sound. This model is equipped to convert many signal formats, including 480i/p, 720p and 1080i, to a 1080p high definition display. With its wide viewing angles, it is easy to watch your favorite movies or shows seated anywhere in your room.


The part number for the remote control is GXCC. The remote control is small, simple and easy to navigate.


Some customers have noted that while the sound quality is adequate, it would be greatly enhanced with a soundbar. The quality of the picture is crisp and the colors vivid, with a clarity you would expect from a high definition TV. The parental control is an important tool for parents, making it easy to protect their children from offensive/adult themed TV viewing with the click of a few buttons. Overall, and for the low price, this television is keeper.

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